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Quilting Services

What you need to know

How much will quilting cost me?

Standard E2E computerized service is $0.025 per square inch. If you'd like custom quilting we can discuss the price at your appointment based on your needs. Curious how to estimate the cost of your quilting? Multiple the length of your quilt by the width and then multiple that number by .025. For example a 50 x 70" quilt is 3500 square inches, 3500 x .025 is $87.50.

Do you offer batting and backing for sale?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is you'll need to buy it from my quilt shop which I'm conveniently located inside of. You'll receive a 10% discount on your purchase. Thanks for shopping local!

How should I prepare my quilt?

Please bring your quilt as wrinkle free and square as possible. If you bring your own batting please make sure it is at least 3" larger all around than your quilt top ex. 50*70" quilt top should have 56*76" batting, your backing should also have at least 5 inches of overage ex. 50*70" quilt top should have a 60*80" backing. Please remove as many stray threads as possible, once it's quilted these can not be trimmed from between the layers. If you are bringing all 3 pieces (top, batting, backing) please do not baste them, the layers are loaded separately on a longarm. Lastly, if your quilt top or backing is directional please safety pin a note to the top and bring it to my attention during our appointment.

Something else to keep in mind:If you piece your backing it is preferable for the seam to be placed horizontally when loaded onto the longarm. While I can and will load vertically oriented seamed backings just be aware horizontal seams will ultimately look best. 

Quilting Services: Ideas & Inspiration
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